About us


The idea of AINTEROL® principles emerged due to a lack of safe consumer products around the world. Consumers use harsh chemicals daily in every household or personal & skincare. Hundreds of cosmetic companies ignored the safety issues of chemicals. FDA's globally still allow known carcinogen & health hazard cosmetic chemicals & compounds for daily use.


Brand AINTEROL® was officially born. The name comes from three Finnish language words; "AINA TERVE OLO," meaning "ALWAYS GOOD FEELING." The brand name was meaningful & perfect for supporting future activities. We released the first AINTEROL® Preservative Free product range to the public.


Dr.Tapio Terwo, MD (A.M) made a Breakthru in Natural Breast Enhancement cream technology. AINTEROL® was one of the first manufacturers to do 100% preservative-free cosmetics in 2002. Since then, over 10 million breast creams manufactured and shipped globally to 170 countries.


New lotion technology was born. AINTEROL® Natural Products USA, Inc.'s main focus was 2nd Generation technology with new fresh ideas. The production of supplements was reduced by 30%, and the main focus was to improve 2nd Generation cream technology.


AINTEROL® Natural Products USA, Inc. sold sub-companies in South and North America away. The expansion for the USA and SE Asia was ready. 3rd Generation Cream was born—major product expansion for cosmetics, both personal and skincare.


AINTEROL Cargo Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand. The new factory supports our Sea Cargo & Air Cargo operations. SE Asian Factory is certified with GMP (Cosmetics), GMP (Food Supplements), HACCP (Food) Supplements). We are certified by Bureau Veritas (France).


AINTEROL® continues developing the manufacturing process for Botanical Glycerite Extracts, Regular botanical Extracts, and HiQ-Hydrosols from Thai Botanicals. Ingredients are all 100% Organic. Ingredients are used in AINTEROL® production as well as sold domestic Thailand and Exported to several countries. All AINTEROL® products are proudly made with vegetable ingredients. Natural or Organic and has to be 100% vegetable from a renewable and sustainable source.

AINTEROL® is certified by MENOCS® USA for Organic & Natural Cosmetics. Certification is for Facility and product-based—certification concerns about using renewable and sustainable ingredients, which all are 100% biodegradable.


AINTEROL ORGANICS LTD was established in the United Kingdom. Their support will expand our message to UK and EU customers.