AINTEROL® Pueraria Mirifica 750MG Extra Strong

AINTEROL® Pueraria Mirifica 750MG Extra Strong

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Capsule: CAPCELLO® Vegetable HPMC chlorophyll green #00 Size HALAL & KOSHER Certified
Content: CO2 Pueraria Mirifica Extract Powder & 20 years grown Pueraria Mirifica root powder
Size: 60 caps x 750mg.
Dosage: Only ONE cap per day (Bust & Decollete).
Certification: GMP (by Bureau Veritas), Organic Certified by MENOCS® U.S


If you're the person who always settles for the extraordinary, still wants to be the strongest or fastest in the room. We explicitly designed Pueraria Mirifica 750MG extra-strong capsules for you! Why are these capsules so effective and powerful? The capsules go through a unique process of formulation. The capsules are based on AINTEROL® original 20 Years - XX Annis. Added with a more thorough and specialized technique in CO2 extraction, a ratio of 30:1, meaning that you're provided with exceptional highway results by only taking one capsule a day.

The extraction process ensures that we're providing a high-quality product, but it wouldn't mean anything without the inclusion of Pueraria Mirifica; An extract that is considered as the "queen" of the root plant of phytoestrogens. The extract is widely known for its effectiveness in showing its youthful benefits. The extract has many benefits for other general well-being.

Why should I be taking these capsules?

● Well-selected and extracted as the pure root powder into the CAPCELLO ® vegetable HPMC.

● Helps to improve the woman's nutritional support.

● Promotes healthier skin and hair.

● A natural way of improving your well-being.


Please note: This product was not formulated to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Dosage requirements: You should be taking one capsule 15 minutes before your first meal or one capsule before bedtime.

Initial precautions: These capsules should not be digested if you have/had any form of cancer, are pregnant or if you're nursing. You should also not be taking the supplement, if you've been diagnosed with tumors in estrogen-sensitive organs, such as your ovaries, uterus, and/or your breasts.