AINTEROL® Pueraria Mirifica X-R1 Organic Atomizer 50ml (1.69fl.oz)

AINTEROL® Pueraria Mirifica X-R1 Organic Atomizer 50ml (1.69fl.oz)

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AINTEROL® Pueraria Mirifica X-R1 Organic Atomizer 50ml (1.69fl.oz)

Product is FREE of known carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals), mutagens (causing cell mutations - cancer), teratogens (causing birth defects), reproductive toxins (male & female infertility), developmental toxins (hazardous to an unborn child), and skin/sense organ toxicants. We use natural Vitamin E. Synthetic Vitamins are not used.

          PARABEN FREE



  • The product is non-flammable and passes US regulations for 18USC1716. The product is not subjected to IATA dangerous flammable goods restrictions. The product can be shipped via regular airmail.


The AINTEROL® Organic Atomizer went through a delicate process of formulation to ensure the best product possible. You may be asking, how can this cosmetic benefit me and my needs to feel and look better? It's easily answerable, as our Organic Atomizer is formulated using organic Pueraria Mirifica extract. An ingredient, which is widely known for its effectiveness in helping stimulate natural breast growth. X-R1 Atomizer also includes organic Panax ginseng extract, an ingredient, which helps promote healthy blood circulation.

If you're the woman who wants to positively stimulate the growth of your breasts, while also utilizing a product that was specifically formulated for your desires; The Organic Atomizer is a product which you need to add to your cosmetic collection.

How can this cosmetic help me?

  • It helps soothe the skin; Leading to smoother and more delicate skin.
  • Improves bust profile of the breasts.
  • Lifts sagging breasts.
  • Breast firming and shaping


Please note: Before taking this product, we highly suggest you monitor and check your progesterone levels. It is essential to keep your hormones well-balanced, as this will enhance the quality of your life and your general well-being. It may be necessary to ask your local physician where you can get a saliva test; A test which is important for progesterone.

Directions of use: Gently press 2-3 pumps on each side of the breast. Once the cosmetic is applied; Delicately massage onto the skin of your breast. For most effective use, you should be using the product at least twice a day, at times which suit you.

Please be aware that if the cosmetic is directly applied to the nipple or areola; You may experience increased sensitivity, so we highly suggest you try to limit application in these areas.

Initial precautions: Our product should be used for topical use only. Please do not use and apply the product if you're pregnant, nursing or had/have any type of cancer. Do not use the product if you have high estrogen levels, or if you're using estrogen blockers.